Reynaldo Ferdinand
Chicago, IL

Reynaldo G. Ferdinand was born in Panama City, Panama in 1963.  At the age of twelve he began costume designing for the Panamanian Mardi-Gras Carnival, after only a few lessons in art school.  Reynaldo's love for Carnival Festivities took him on the road in 1993.  He traveled throughout the United States and Canada studying the art form of costume making.  Since then, Reynaldo has received many award in the City of Chicago for his costume designs.

Reynaldo's use of vibrant colors and natural materials in his paintings and designs won him an award from the City of Chicago in 2002.  The award honored his contribution to the Arts and the Millennium Park grand opening ceremony, where he was featured on WTTW Channel 11 Art Beat Chicago in 2005 for his paintings and portrayal of America in Chicago Carifete Carnival Parade.  His art has been exhibited in Museums and Galleries throughout Panama City and the Caribbean.  Reynaldo also exhibited in a multitude of national and international juried shows.  His paintings are in over 200 public, corporate and private collections throughout the world.

Artist Statement

Reynaldo's paintings act as a mirror that reflects the people from the Caribbean and their culture.  His paintings instil positive recollections that reinforce a sense of purpose, dignity, value, and self worth.  His paints what made him.  His use of natural fibers with a combination of vibrant colors mimic the beauty and splendor of the Caribbean.  Painting is an art form that comes from above to the depths of your heart.