PAID Gallery Assistant

  1.  Are you resourceful?
  2.  Are you organized?
  3.  Are you an art lover?
  4.  Are you flexible?
  5.  Are you handy?
  6.  Are you creative?
  7.  Are you able to improvise?
  8.  Are you timely and reliable?
  9.  Are you able to have fun?
  10.  Are you charismatic?
  11.  Can you follow directions?
  12.  Can you prep and stretch a canvas?
  13.  Can you run to Home Depot to get wood cut to specifications?
  14.  Can you update a website, create email blasts + promo materials? 
  15. Can you effectively grow a social media account?
  16.  Can you discuss art and world events?
  17.  Can you sell art?
  18.  Can you safely use power tools?
  19.  Do you have a valid drivers license, or the ability to get around?
  20.  Are you a solid individual and/or possess supernatural abilities?

If you can answer yes to 15 out of 20 of these questions, Galleryna19 might have a paid position for you. Please reply with resume, samples of your work (if you are an artist) as well the questions that you can NOT say Yes to. We are interested in an individual to grow with.  

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