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Anonymous: Solo Exhibition by Lindsey Bates

"Art is a form of expression learned through the years of this existence. 
Art has a way of closing the distance between the heart and the mind. 
Art helps in finding a healing of the mind with every stroke of the heart. 
Art isn’t just by us it is about us as well."  
- Lindsey E. Bates

Solo Exhibition of Lindsey E. Bates

Friday, August 19, 2016
6:00pm - 10:00pm

Lindsey E. Bates is a Chicago artist who has expressed himself through the tip of a pencil, pen, brush, or rock since he could hold them in his hand. Always drawn to various forms of art, whether it would be a comic book or 3D computer animation. Lindsey honed his gift at Streamwood High’s Academy of Art later earning a BFA in Media Arts & Animation from The Illinois Institute of Art at Chicago.  His fine art has been purchased in Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Iowa, and Los Angeles.